Freshly picked plums

Growing fruit in your own backyard is much easier than you think.  There are so many benefits to growing fruits!

Fruit trees are ornamental.  When they are in bloom, they are every bit as lovely as any flowering ornamental tree in your landscape.  Why plant a tree that only flowers when you can have fruit, too?

You will find a limited number of varieties in the market.  Growers must choose from among the best shippers, and fruits that tend to ripen all at once to make harvesting and packaging more practical.  Your own backyard can have more variety than you can find in the best market in town.

If food safety is a concern for you, we can teach you how to grow any fruit without worrisome chemicals.  No more synthetic pesticides, waxes, dyes, and treatments to enhance color and appearance.  Just pure, natural fruit, right from the tree.