Fresh, safe, organic veggies for your family, right from your own garden.

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It's easier than you think to grow your own fruit.  Ripened to perfection as nature intended.

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For the kitchen, for the medicine cabinet, for the homestead.

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A garden should be a place of sanctuary.  It will include plants just to please the senses - sight, smell, touch.

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Houston Rose Society - Nov 2020

Links to program handout for Houston Rose Society Nov 2020 Meeting

Soils & Fertility

Garden success starts before you plant.  Every gardener must be a soil grower.

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Pests & Disease

Prevention before intervention, intervention before decimation.

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Gardening Basics

Basic skills are the foundation of all good gardening.

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The Micro-Homestead

Beekeeping, chickens, food preservation, and more.  The urban garden is transforming into a lifestyle.

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Seeds, cuttings, layering, grafting - breeding and growing your own plants.

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Gardening Calendars

Gardeners need to know when to plant, and what to do each month to keep the garden manageable.

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Events Calendar

See our upcoming classes and events.

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Random Things

Garden art, links I like, and other random subjects.

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Organic Resources

Where to find organic supplies & professionals

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Since 1993

Welcome to the Academy

We garden on the Upper Gulf Coast - The Third Coast of the United States.  If you are new to this region, it can be a bit of an adjustment.  It's a GREAT place to garden, but it has its challenges.  If you can learn to garden here, you can garden almost anywhere.

The Garden Academy information is centered around the climate in Zones 9a and 9b and reaches northward to Zone 8 and southward to Zone 10.  However, a lot of what is offered on our site is based on techniques more than zones.  Most gardeners will find things they can add to their own gardening knowledge base with a few adaptations for climate.

Our information is sorted by "classrooms".  You can click to go straight to each section, or go to The Learning Center for an index of all of our subjects.  Enjoy!  And come back soon.