Organic Resources

We are so glad you committed to biologically sound, natural gardening practices!  We know it can be difficult to find the safe supplies you need and landscape professionals that you can trust to share your organic principles.

Here are local resources we know you can trust:

Full service nursery - trees, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, herbs, succulents, tropicals, ferns, roses.  Organic fertilizers, compost-based potting soils, compost, expanded shale, minerals, Bokashi inoculant, EM-1, seaweed extract, foliar feeds, orange oil, molasses.  Tools, stakes, pottery, seeds, garden ornaments.  Angela blogs for the Arbor Gate - see her blog posts here.

Click here for classes, blogs, and more info.

Organoscapes is the original 100 % organic landscape and maintenance company and is owned by Ron Breland. He has over 30 years of extensive landscape experience in the Houston area and has been committed to organic management practices since 1990.

Click here for company profile and a great 2-Do Calendar for Homeowners.

Full service feed store - Fruit trees, vegetable & herb plants, seeds.  Organic fertilizers, potting soils, compost, orange oil, molasses, foliar feeds, seaweed extract, dried molasses, bonsai supplies.  Chickens, rabbits, doves.  Feed for pets, livestock, and exotics, healthcare supplies, pro-biotics, natural foods, grooming supplies, beekeeping supplies.