Queen Training – Learn to find her faster

If you are new to beekeeping, one of your challenges is quickly finding the queen during inspections. You do not always have to find the queen, of course. But it is nice to have eyes on her occasionally, and there are times when you really need to find her.

This slide show is designed to help you train yourself to recognize her quickly. The program will open in Slide Show format. There are several information slides, and then 80+ slides that have at least one queen in them. Some are very easy to find, we are not trying to frustrate you, after all. In fact, we want this to help you build confidence. But others are more of a challenge so you will have a chance to really learn to find her.

Mentors - If you need a copy of the Power Point Program for training purposes, please contact me via Facebook or email and I will send you a copy for your use in teaching.

Queen Training Slide Show