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Gardening in the coastal South

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I garden on the Upper Gulf Coast of Texas - The Third Coast of the United States.  If you are new to the Third Coast, it can be a bit of an adjustment.  It’s a great place to garden, but it has its challenges.  If you can learn to garden here, you can garden almost anywhere.

The Garden Academy information is centered around the climate in Zones 9a & 9b and reaches northward to Zone 8 and southward to Zone 10.   However, a lot of what is offered here is based on techniques more than zones.  Many gardeners will find things that they can add to their own garden knowledge base with a few adaptations for climate.

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Learning Center

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Planning & Preparation (Go to Main Page)
Bed Preparation - Step by step from start to finish
Soil Tests - Do you really need them?
Why can't I just start planting?
    Raised Beds
    No-Till Gardening
        Lasagna Gardening
        Mulch Gardening
    My Bed Prep Story

Soils & Fertility
Compost Tea
    Alfalfa Tea

Site Analysis 
DIY Survey and Drawing Tools to map out your own garden  

Edible Gardening (Go to Main Page)
Planting Calendar
Monthly Task Lists
Harvesting 101
Self-Watering Containers

Fruits Main Page
    Annual Tasks for the Home Fruit Orchard
        Monthly Tasks - Citrus
        Monthly Tasks - Temperate Fruits
        Monthly Tasks - Semi-Tropicals
    Citrus Freeze Protection
    Citrus Greening Disease
    Chill Hours
    Growing Guides for Fruits
    Harvesting Calendar
    Harvesting Pears - How to improve table quality
    High Density Home Orchards - Notes from our class
    How to Plant Bare Root Fruit Trees
Organic Tree Paint    
Planting Bare Root Fruit Trees   

Vegetables Main Page
    Planting Calendars - when to start seeds and set out transplants
    Planning the Veggie Garden

    Crop Rotation
         4-Step Crop Rotation Plan - Easy to follow, good for the garden
         Rotation Families - Use this to develop your personal rotation plan

    Growing Guides for Veggies - How to prep & plant each

    Onions - Understanding Day Length 
    Onions - Seeds, Seedlings, or Sets?
    Potato Towers - Not for the Gulf Coast!
Growing Veggies in the Shade


Ornamental Gardening (Go to Main Page)
    Cool Weather Annuals
    Lawn Care

Manage & Maintain
(Go to Main Page)
Pests & Diseases
Fire Ants
    Managing Ants in the Gardens
Pruning & Training
Managing Water
    Low Volume Irrigation
    Rainwater Harvesting
Lawn Care
Seed Saving
Heat-proofing Your Garden - Getting your garden through summer stress
Your Garden After the Flood - all is not lost, but quick action will help

Propagation (Go to Main Page)

Grafting Avocados

Homesteading & Lifestyle (Go to Main Page)
    Bee Friendly Gardening
    Frameless Comb
    Pollinator or Pollinizer? - Which term is correct?
    Queen Location Training Tool - Train yourself to locate the Queen quickly
    Rescue Frames - Fix broken comb fast

Urban Chickens & the Lawn
Why Organic?

Random Things (Go to Main Page)
Archives - Handouts from our old site, awaiting updating here
Garden Art
Links I Like
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